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How can you be good at so many different types of things?

I’m so glad you asked! Our core team excels at understanding your message, simplifying it, and making it engaging for your audience anywhere in their journey. That's why we call ourselves an agency and strategic partner.

When we get to production of creative assets. We tap our deep bench of freelance experts to execute the plan. This way, you get the right people working on your project, no matter what we create and in what style.

How many revisions do you allow for?

Our proven process ensures we don’t need endless revisions. That said, it’s part of our DNA to get it right. If you need something adjusted, let us know. We partner for the long-term so if we need to go back and revise something, we do.

Can you walk me through your production process from kick-off to hand-off?

Awesome question! We believe the best creative outcomes emerge within well-defined boundaries. So we developed a proven, outcomes-based storytelling approach to ensure your success.

  1. Our journey together starts with planning. We’ll kick off with a discovery session to understand your goals, target audience, and key messages. This phase concludes with when we deliver a concept and plan you love…”The Story Plan”
  2. Now that we have a solid plan, we begin engineering all of the details to ensure a smooth process. This may include scriptwriting, storyboarding, style creation, selecting voiceover talent and any on-screen acting talent, as needed. We call this the “Production Plan”
  3. Finally, we execute the planned elements and scenes, filmed or animated, capturing the visuals, audio, and performances needed for spectacular video and other creative content.
  4. We’ll deliver the first draft, make any final polishing tweaks you need.
  5. Once complete, we deliver the final video to you!

Who will be working on my project?

We refer to our creative and production team as “mission control”. This team partners with you to create a plan and develop the content that best engages your audience. These are the three, key people you’ll interact with:

Account Manager: Your initial contact at mission control for project launch coordination and planning. This person partners closest with you to capture and document the details and goals of your journey, ensuring effective handoff to the creative team who take over in preparation for launch.

Producer: Takes over as capcom once your mission is planned. The producer is also your flight mechanics and trajectory engineer, developing and managing the complex elements of your journey so your video and creative elements land on target, on time, and on budget.

Creative Director: Your mission architect and pilot, the one who makes dreams a reality by realizing your vision into the incredible and unique video and creative pieces that skyrocket campaigns to their destination.

Depending on your journey, other mission critical teammates may include:

  • Art Director
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Illustrator
  • V0 Artist
  • Animato
  • Director of Photography
  • Film Crew
  • Editor
  • Composer
  • Audio Engineer

What kinds of videos do you do?

The stars are the limit on the kinds of video we produce. We have created hundreds of videos for clients of all kinds, each one unique. Some of the kinds of videos we’ve done include:

  • Explainers
  • Brand awareness
  • Social media
  • How-to
  • Experiential
  • Conference
  • Event recap
  • Client testimonials
  • Tutorials / training
  • Internal comms
  • White paper to video

Check out our Work to see some examples of what we’ve done.

What if I need more than video?

We’re a creative agency, emphasis on the creative! Sometimes you need support to ensure stellar video campaigns hit their mark. We’re on it. We can handle:

The strategic:

  • Content Roadmap (quarterly/ annual)
  • Campaign Planning
  • Messaging
  • Video Concepting

The operational

  • Youtube channel management
  • SEO optimization
  • Thumbnails, and more!

Other creative materials:

  • Infographics
  • Presentation Deck
  • 1-pager

And more! Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

You say you “give more than you get.” What’s that mean?

Awesome question. It means a few things to us at Moonbuggy:

  1. We don’t nickel and dime our clients when it comes to scope. We partner with you for the long term. That means we’re making a commitment to deliver work we’re proud of, creatives that make your brand and products shine (and, who are we kidding, also make your boss stoked about the campaign). So if copy needs an extra revision or if your video goes a little over on time, no worries. If it’s a win for you, it’s a win for us.
  2. We set out to blow people away with our work: With what we do (produce videos) and how we do it (our proven process). We always say: Blow people away first by doing what we said we’d do when we said we'd do it… and doing it really freakin’ well. Then and only then, we look for opportunities to create a personalized experience that goes above and beyond. Like what? Well, you'll have to call us up so we can get to know you better and get started on a project. That’s when the celestial alchemy begins.
  3. We give back. It’s part of who we are and our company culture. We have a generosity purpose that’s reflected both in how we conduct our business and the kinds of businesses we like to work with. We like to do great work, have fun doing it, and – when we can – make an impact in our community.

What industries do you typically work with?

We care about doing friggin’ awesome work for our clients and want to align with companies who feel the same way. That means we work best with companies seeking to change the world with how they operate or what they’re building. Building something that will change the world? Going about business in a purposeful way? Have some crazy new product or tech that’s changing everything in your industry? We want to work with you.

On top of that, we typically work with product marketing managers or brand managers at medium to large companies regardless of industry. Our super power is finding the best approach to connect with and engage your audience wherever they are. We take a strategic approach to storytelling and partner with you to catalyze creative ways of bringing your products to life.

What makes Moonbugy different?

We’re relational and fun but also wildly effective. Did you know we’ve produced hundreds of videos for Fortune 500 companies? That said, no amount of money is worth a short-term gain for us. We’re long-term partners and if we can’t be that for you, guaranteed, we’ll tell you right up front. It’s as important to us as it is to you that we produce videos that authentically tell your brand’s story.

Two things, in particular, make us different, in particular, from other brand video agencies.

  • We aren’t a traditional video production house with a bench of talent we need to occupy so we will never push you toward a particular style.
  • Mission control has what it takes to act as an extension of your storytelling and content capabilities, providing both strategic and tactical support.
  • And… OK, there’s a third thing: We have a friggin’ awesome time doing what we do and our clients love working with us.

It’s a wild universe out there! But we think a big, star-filled sky holds a lot of potential… potential to reach your goals and have fun doing it. We’re here to redefine what it means to work with an agency.

Wait a minute, did you guys rebrand recently?

We totally did! You may know us by a different name (Hambone). In February 2024, we rebranded as Moonbuggy, a brand that better reflects our stellar creative work, commitment to producing outta-this-world video content, and dedication to having fun. However we’re branded, video production quality, creativity, and commitment to clients remain core to who we are.

Can you walk me through the process of working with you?

Great question. We believe the best creative outcomes emerge within well-defined boundaries. Our proven, outcomes-based storytelling approach ensures your success and ability to enjoy the journey from start to finish.

It all starts with planning. During our kick-off discovery session, we’ll ask about your goals, target audience, key messages, and anything else we feel we need to deliver a concept and plan you love. Once you give the sign-off, we move to pre-production. During this phase, we engineer the details of your creative output – everything from scriptwriting, to storyboarding, style creation, and beyond. You’ll have a chance to sign off again, at this phase.

Finally, we move to production. During this phase, branded video production for your company or product begins. We execute the planned elements and scenes necessary then deliver a first draft. You’ll have a chance to provide feedback, we’ll make some polishing tweaks, then deliver the final video!

Core to our process of working with clients is a strategic partnership approach, enabling us to craft mission critical creative content aligned to your brand and product needs. To read more about our process, check out the “About” section of our site.

What type of campaigns are your videos typically used for?

If you have a campaign, we can design creative content to support it. We’ve produced videos for ads, conferences, social media, product launches, and more. Whether the video is for top or bottom of the funnel or something else entirely, such as internal communications, we’ve produced it. We’ve also produced a wide variety of creative content to support video-based campaigns.

During your initial conversations with us, we’ll discuss what kinds of campaigns you have in mind. That will help us determine how best to work with you and what you’ll need to launch a successful campaign.

We’re always relational, never transactional. That means we’ll become a strategic extension of your team to help produce anything but typical creative content. We promise to use our experience as a video content agency for hundreds of brands and products to deliver out-of-this-world support for your campaigns and even come up with new campaigns you’d never thought of.

Do you have a standard style or styles of creative work you produce?

Great question! No, we don't have a standard style. In other words, the stars are the limit on creative styles of branded content and video we produce. Our team can launch everything from filmed content to 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, and more— any style you can (or can’t!) imagine.

In fact, one of the things that makes Moonbuggy unique is our incredible breadth of talent when it comes to creating a unique style for your brand or product. We will never, never, never push you toward a particular style because we have awesome, available creative people on staff who excel at any given aesthetic. We will strategize with you to determine how best to express your ideas and then put your vision into production with the best talent to develop that style.

For a great example of out-of-the-box thinking, check out the work we did with Dell Technologies: We had already done some filmed and animated videos for Dell. But the HCI/CI Cross-portfolio team wanted something fresh to showcase new, awesome products. We pitched and designed a mobile game that allows users to play a simulation-style game to experience the value-add of the new products. Read more about the use case here.

On our “Work” page you can check out the wide variety of styles we produce for our clients. Our goal is to align video production branding and style to you and your products. We’ll never try to push a particular style. Instead, we’ll partner with you to understand your needs. Then we’ll put together a unique team to develop exceptional creative and video content that aligns to your brand and vision.

Do you do creative work beyond brand video production?

Yes, we do! Of course, as a creative and brand video production agency, that’s our core service. But we know, in order to launch exceptionally successful campaigns, you may need a variety of creative content from infographics to presentations, to experiential media, and everything in between.

We create creative and video content for engaging audiences throughout the funnel. Some types of videos we create include:

  • Brand,
  • product launches,
  • tutorials,
  • how-to’s,
  • explainers,
  • conference,
  • internal communications,
  • white-paper-to-video,
  • testimonials,
  • social media,
  • experiential, and more.

Some types of creative content we produce to support our video work include:

  • ads,
  • infographics,
  • presentations,
  • motion graphics, and more.

We consider ourselves a strategic extension of your team so we will work with you to understand and refine your goals, crafting a plan and deliverables that best meet your needs.

Check out “Work” to see the variety of creative output we’ve produced. Or talk to mission control about your creative needs. We’re always relational, never transactional and here to produce the outta-this-world content you need to achieve your goals.

Always relational, never transactional

Curious how we’d shape your creative journey and where we might land?

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