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18 Podcasts to Boost Creativity and Motivation

As the world has shifted around us due to the global pandemic, many of us are finding ourselves in a creative slump - ourselves included. 

Podcasts are always a great way to liven up your daily routines - even if that isn’t physically driving to and from work. There are plenty of them out there, and several that can help creative people find their inner spark. 

This list covers a wide variety of shows and styles, so we hope you find something you love no matter what type of creative you are!

The Accidental Creative

This podcast is filled with interviews with artists, authors, and business leaders that discuss tips on how to be our healthiest self in life and work. Listeners will learn how to build everyday habits and practices that help you stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy in your personal life and work life. 

Optimal Living Daily

Hosts of this podcast narrate some of the top-rated written content on topics such as personal development, minimalism, and life optimization. Becoming more mindful, intentional, and consistent throughout the day can help us calm our thoughts and experience bigger boosts of creativity. 

Working Without Pants

Working remotely has become much more common as our world continues to change. The global pandemic of COVID-19 shifted the way many businesses operate, and now there are many more professionals working from home than ever before. This podcast is loaded with interviews from agencies, consultants, freelancers, and other professionals that work from home for a living to discuss tips on how to be successful while also reducing your distractions.

99% Invisible

Out of all of the things that exist in the world around us, about 99% of it goes unnoticed in our conscious minds. This show covers the ‘why’ behind a lot of random things you would never think about - like the origins of the inflatable wavy guy in car lots and how fortune cookies came to be. Changing the way you look at the world can help you find creativity in ways you never imagined.

Magic Lessons

All artists face moments of uncertainty, especially in the beginning. Elizabeth Gilbert is a best-selling author that helps artists overcome their fears and create with more happiness. This show features interviews with well-known creatives from all walks of life.

Hidden Brain

Science and storytelling meet in this rad podcast hosted by Shankar Vedantam. This show uncovers the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, influence our choices, and dictate our relationships. 

Life Kit

Life Kit is a podcast that is designed to help us get it together and be better humans. Topics like health, money, parenting, and life skills are explored with subject matter experts to help you get the best advice out there. No matter what sparks your creativity, Life Kit is almost certain to have an episode or two that ignites your creative inspiration. 


This is a podcast all about design and designers. The episodes of this show have candid and revealing conversations with designers that create the world around us. The more we can relate to the people that design the world we live in, the more meaning we can find in what we all do. If you are an artist at heart, this show is perfect for you!

The Writer Files

For all the writers out there, this is a podcast you should check out! Host Kelton Reid examines the habits and behaviors of well-renowned writers to understand their secrets to staying creative and productive. The episodes are designed to help writers learn how to keep the ink flowing and writers’ block at bay. 

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Ready to get motivated? Gary Vee’s podcast is loaded with advice you need to hear to succeed in a competitive environment, and he will likely hurt your ego in the process. This podcast covers topics such as navigating social media marketing, building content strategies, and getting your brand’s message heard. 

Getting Goosebumps: The Power of Storytelling

In this inspiring podcast, host Bryan Adams explains why it is so important for storytelling to be at the center of every marketing strategy. Assisting him is an impressive lineup of marketing experts that help explain the context of storytelling in business, and how to apply it to your own brand. 

The Business of Story

This podcast hosted by Park Howell helps business owners, marketers, and startups understand how to integrate storytelling into the way they communicate. Each episode brings a new lesson as you hear from a variety of guests, spanning from content creators to screenwriters. 

Creative Confidence

Some of today’s most inspiring creative minds are candidly interviewed in this rad podcast. Guests speak to their approach when creating, innovating, leading, and growing, as well as give personal stories and real-world examples. This show is designed to help build confidence in the creative minds that shape our world. 

Note To Self

Note to Self is a podcast that reminds you to question everything in an effort to help you keep your sanity in the digital age. A wide variety of topics are explored in this podcast, which can help you gain creativity in ways you never thought you would!


Honest conversations are had with creative minds on this entertaining podcast. This show cuts past the beautifully curated portfolios and gets down to what goes on behind the scenes with real creatives. 

The Unmistakeable Creative

Everyone is a creator. It can take a little time and effort to get in tune with what causes your creative spark. This podcast is full of deep, personal, and insightful conversations with some of the world’s leading creative minds. You will learn unforgettable lessons from these inspiring talks.

Beyond The To-Do List

Your to-do list can be overwhelming with all of the many hats you wear in your life. This helpful podcast sits down with real people who implement solid productivity methods into their everyday lives. Finding what keeps you productive can lead to a more meaningful life. 

Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

In this brilliant and smooth-spoken podcast, Donald Miller takes listeners through a crash course in getting the word out about your business and clarifying your message in a practical way. The hosts of the show do a great job in helping businesses of all industries tell their story, stand out, and land more sales in a noisy market.

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